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If you’ve ever experienced a paranormal event…

...Do not think you’re crazy, because you’re not. The esoteric domain is a world unknown to the majority of people and thus it can be scary. It’s something that goes beyond the physical dimension, still cannot be explained scientifically, and that is why it’s easier to reject this perspective. But even if you only suspect that your physical, emotional, social situation etc. is affected by an esoteric cause, you can message me and tell me what is happening. I also encourage you to describe the results of the hypnotic induction tests, which you can find below; that way we will be able to assess your hypnotic susceptibility level.

What is regressive hypnosis?

Regressive hypnosis is an adventure. It’s an action movie that takes you far, far away for a couple of hours; and you are the hero. This is your adventure. And, like in any adventure, fable, or story, in order to reach your goal, you must brave all sorts of obstacles, learning to survive along the way by confronting your fears.
You must take courage and fight against the monsters, insects, snakes, elves, gnomes and ghosts. But, you’ll also visit bewitching and marvelous places full of light, colors and aromas. You’ll run into lots of different characters, some that you already know and others you have yet to meet.
It is a journey through time, among dimensional portals and telepathic messages. It’s about diving into the depths, into your emotions, in search of the origins of your own motives. It is a journey into yourself.It makes no difference whether this is going on outside or inside your mind: it is your dream and you are there.

What can regressive hypnosis be used for?

Regressive hypnosis allows you to crack open the doors to your unconscious so that your Being can go beyond sensory perceptions and access information that it would be impossible (or almost impossible) to access under "normal" circumstances. This allows you to find answers to questions you may have been unable to resolve and to pinpoint the causes of problems, discomforts, anxieties and somatic symptoms hidden in other energy-space-time dimensions different from the one where you inhabit in this physical existence. Simply put: understanding the origin of a certain block, situation, position; becoming aware of the reason for these events as well as apparent coincidences; having a chance to interact with ourselves and with our surroundings at the energy level, allows us to resolve inner conflicts and unblock stagnant or deteriorating personal situations.

What happens during regressive hypnosis?

What happens to you during regressive hypnosis is exactly what happens to you every day without you realizing it; when you read something carefully, when you’re hooked by a good film; when you listen attentively to an interesting talk, or when you stop for a few minutes and think with your eyes open, isolating yourself from the rest of the world, even if only for a moment. It is exactly what happens when you take a nap. You settle in, relax and gradually let go. You begin to empty your mind, or start thinking about something, perhaps recalling something you just did or some other more distant memory. Memories sometimes change shapes or modality; they seem to develop much like dreams. When you open your eyes, you find yourself on the bed or sofa, or in your seat on the bus, and you almost wish you had stayed in that other dimension; you come back to the present. But, what if during your nap you had an external voice guiding you through that journey inside your mind? What happens is that you become the protagonist of an adventure. Your adventure. This is what happens with regressive hypnosis. You live out a dream, your dream. Contrary to what some may think, during regressive hypnosis, your level of consciousness is not diminished, but rather increased; that is why you are able to access important and much needed information that it is impossible (or nearly impossible) to access in a normal state of consciousness.

What happens if the connection is lost during an internet session?

In most cases, you will realize that there is no longer anyone on the other side of the line and, then, you will open your eyes, reestablish the connection and continue with the session as if nothing had happened. With deeper trances, when there is no other external stimulus, the state itself will become a natural sleep state followed by a spontaneous awakening after a few minutes or even a little longer. This is what happens when you're sleeping at night and realize you are thirsty or need to use the bathroom. You wake up, get up, walk around your apartment, go back to bed and almost immediately fall asleep again. Or, when you get a message on your cell phone while napping. You may decide to see who’s sent it, maybe you even decide to respond and then leave your cell phone on the nightstand, and go back to enjoying your nap.

Are the effects of regressive hypnosis immediately noticeable?

Some results are immediately noticeable, but others need a fairly long time to manifest. The time it takes to digest a regressive hypnosis session varies depending on the person and the circumstances. Some people notice the benefits as soon as the session is over, while others sense a gradual yet steady personal transformation, noticing differences with respect to the past, week after week and month after month. - How long do the effects of regressive hypnosis last? This is very much relative. The duration of effects depends on the compatibility with the goal reached in a regressive hypnosis. It all depends on our personalities and these can change at any given moment by our own volition. Some results can last several days or weeks. Others last until other changes take place that replace the previous one, others can last a lifetime.

And what if I am unable to enter hypnosis?

Everyone can enter a hypnotic state. There are different depths of hypnosis and these depends above all on the subject. The few cases in which it’s not possible to work successfully are when a light hypnosis is combined with personal resistance. This obstacle is not impossible to overcome. Sometimes it’s enough to try again at another time, in a more comfortable and more inviting space. Sometimes it’s enough to change the method of induction, or simply the pace of the process. It's also possible to use a background audio frequency, or to focus more on those senses that are more open and predisposed, or to stimulate telepathic contact. But the most revolutionary option, without a doubt, is the telepathic hypnosis session using support person.

What is a hypno-telepathic session?

During a hypno-telepathic session, a third person, which could theoretically be anyone, comes under hypnosis and works with the interested subject telepathically. The work that this person does is identical to what the interested party themselves could do in an hypnotic environment, and sometimes the result is even be better when the support person is able to reach a deeper state of hypnosis than the interested party. In these cases, the subject that "cannot" or does not want to enter hypnosis may chose a trusted person, if they want, to subject themselves to hypnosis on their behalf.

About the distortion of information during hypnosis

Metabolization of the hypnosis session

Video recording of the session

Sessions are recorded on video for security reasons. Recording them allows us to evaluate the hypnotist’s work at any time and analyze it from any given angle. It is up to the subject of the session to authorize or allow the recording to be divulged through the media, always preserving his or her anonymity. Publishing the video makes it possible to share useful information that is helpful to the subject undergoing hypnosis as well as anyone else who watches it.


To book, send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You will be assigned a tutor who will assist you during the entire procedure as well as give you the password to access the calendar for booking. You may also check your spam folder in case our response is not found in your inbox. If there is no available time in the current month, please advance to the following months. The process for booking a session implies the contextual payment on the PayPal website (link available upon completion of booking). The booking will be confirmed via email. In order to make sure that we always provide the correct dates available, the system automatically cancels all unpaid bookings. In order to realize a DIRECT session, it is mandatory to have a head-set with integrated USB microphone, and, if possible, to have your computer connected to the Internet through a cable (LAN) - that in order to ensure a better line stability.

Waterless, like the oceans

The world you live in is a perception of the reality needed by the system in order for it to work without errors.
While you "live" like a blind person in the blue pill world, a different, red pill world exists around you; a world made of something you must not believe in, something that must remain invisible so that it can go on.
If only human beings were aware of the occult that exists behind everything they manage to perceive using their derisory five senses, behind religion, economy, politics, wars, pandemics, economic crises, and technological and scientific progress, the world wouldn’t be the same as it is now.
Einstein himself said that the only thing that interfered with his learning was his education.

Investigative sessions

The information gathered during a regressive hypnosis session is not pure. On its way from the source to the receiver, this information is contaminated, distorted and interpreted. This process makes it impossible to use this information as verifiable data to prove the existence of real-life events or places; nevertheless, when working with the subject, we can use this information to release knots or blockages that the subject may be experiencing on their personal path. However, by gathering a large enough body of data from various different subjects and observing specific details, it is possible to filter these out in order to obtain a tiny amount of matching data that we can then use to reconstruct a reality or dimension and explore and study it.

Investigation cycles

Actually, the investigation session does not exist! Instead is considered what we call an investigation protocol in regressive hypnosis. Before asserting that an information is founded, we need to create a large quantity of sessions with different people unknown to each other, to reduce the contamination risk of the rational mind. It is as well necessary to recreate the same hypnotic ambiances/mental co-creations in an univocal direction. This information is highly contaminated by the quantity of dimensions, densities, mental structures and believes through which they transit as well as the beings intercepting it and using it. We need to consider also that without the subliminal agreement, no information can be collected from those questioned beings. This is why in this process, other situations are created in which beings or other forms of intelligence take advantage to invent information and arrange it the way it suits them. The only information seriously considered is the one coming from the large amount of sessions explained above. Thus it is the communal information from all the trials that will be considered (or with a low percentage error tolerance). Those investigation cycles are large time consuming and use a lot of energy. The Grifasi team, with its structure and collaborators, can launch one of the many investigation cycles in regressive hypnosis and accept in this adventure volunteers with an excellent hypnotic susceptibility. You can send us your participating request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About investigative sessions

Learning from investigative hypnosis sessions

Some of you ask me about data from investigative sessions, either crude or filtrated. Collecting, classifying and filtrating all data from sessions performed in various languages, either in digital format or on paper, would be an overly tedious and useless task. In order to properly filtrate information, we would need its enormous quantity, absolutely incomparable with the dozens of sessions we perform each week.
When we listen to a session, our minds are receiving, processing, and memorizing the information, most of which, after a certain development, is soon forgotten and eliminated, because it’s considered worthless.
If we keep on watching investigative sessions, with time our minds will store all the relevant information that entwines in a logical and functional way, and discard the derisory one that has contributed very little or nothing at all. It’s the same mental process at the one that is active when a very small child begins to learn a language of the environment he lives in and interacts with, or when you travel to a country where people speak a language you don’t know.
At the beginning the mind doesn’t have information that allows it to decode those sounds and understand the message. But by being constantly bombarded by them for days, weeks and months, the mind begins to classify all those repeated sounds that form words, and decodes the rules to build sentences.
With time, it’s possible to learn and use a foreign language, and in the same way with time our minds can learn to understand the message hidden naturally behind every session, either investigative or „ad personam”, and are prepared to understand the processes and functioning of terrestrial events (social, economic, political, cultural, religious, etc…) from the esoteric point of view.
Team Grifasi invites you to pleasantly discover of all of its channels and accounts on various social media.
You don’t have to do anything, apart from relaxing and enjoying every esoteric regressive hypnosis session.

Academy Project

Academy is a project offered to everyone that followed one of those training courses according to Calogero Grifasi method. The selection of new operators within the Grifasi Team is the result of an attentive work observation realised by the Academy project members. Only a few of them will be able to work in the team.
An esoteric regressive hypnosis session is a tool which accelerates the internal consciousness process, a process which in Team Grifasi’s case usually begins by watching session recordings published on the Internet. But not only. This process may also be strengthened by the study of esoteric interference mechanisms. That’s why the Team, apart from publishing sessions and Investigations sessions, trains in esoteric regressive hypnosis according to the Grifasi Method, either from the hypnosis operator’s or telepathic support’s point of view.
The goal isn’t necessarily to train operators; of course, if someone wants to, they can start working as such, but the courses have yet another feature. They allow the participants to better understand the operating principles of the esoteric world and the way it affects our lives in the physical dimension, and thus understand the historical, economic, political events etc. The cost of the 1st grade regressive hypnosis training is similar to the cost of 2 hypnosis sessions, and in case of telepathic support trainings, the price is similar to the cost of 1 session.
We want our followers to be provided with a complete, 360º training and thus to have all the tools to accelerate their own internal evolutionary process.

If you lose fear you don't fall, you fly!

Fear is our energy production, and as such, we can modify or cancel it. Fear is a control tool, fear warns, without fear our life would be in constant danger. What happens when other factors condition our fears and someone / something takes control? When fear is not justified it does not have to appear. What happens when it occurs unnecessarily? Fear makes you fall. How many times have you collapsed because of your fears? Calogero Grifasi promotes skydiving sport as metaphor life: WITH FEAR YOU FALL JUST FLY! That's why with the best skydiving professionals, Calo encourages you to learn to fly to get rid of unnecessary fears. He encourages you to take control of your life. Calogero Grifasi promotes skydiving sport as metaphor life: WITH FEAR YOU FALL, JUST FLY!

Some 2016 Calogero Grifasi Academy's members at the wind tunnel Madrid.

That night I had a dream about you

Kundalini and sexual energy

Here's a fragment of the 6th Russian training in the Grifasi method of hypnosis (1st grade) in which we're working with #SexualEnergy which, after many years of being suppressed, finally gets unblocked by means of a liberating orgasm.
I'll never stop being grateful to the participants for their resilience, focus and willingness to learn this simple yet effective technique.
I wouldn't have been able to accomplish this three-day long tour de force without Yuliya Bilenka's assistance and translation.

The danger of 'integration' TCTDF & C.

About the destruction of entities in hypnosis

Channeling example of possession treatment

Example of terminal patient treatment in a hypnotic environment

If you lose fear you don’t fall, you fly!

On the thin line between a dream and a harsh reality there lies consciousness. In order to access it, you can either meditate daily and build your character, or you can reach it in a more direct way, through hypnosis. It’s not something new. In fact, this method is so popular and supported by professionals that nowadays it’s very commonly suggested as the most useful way of overcoming phobias, blocking fears, or coming back to the past to heal old wounds.
The thing that isn’t so common is reaching the esoteric level using the tools offered by the internet to connect with the channeller and the hypnotist in any language, with a simultaneous translation. Anyone can find the etheric answer to their physical problems from the comfort of their own home. And what comes out is better than any science-fiction story. Even though, according to the opponents of hypnosis, there is more fiction than reality in each session, certain patterns constantly repeat themselves in all countries all over the world, among people who don’t know one another and have no previous knowledge of the topic.
And what if reality is something more than just physicality? Think about it.

The method

Calogero Grifasi has developed his method and uses it together with his international team of operators who guide their clients to their own Selves during sessions performed online. Those who gave their permission to publish the videos made it possible for the sessions to become an online phenomenon (both Calo’s and the ones done by his team) in various languages, from Polish and Italian to Romanian, Spanish, or Russian. His past life hypnosis sessions may seem to be too long to watch in one sitting and not very aesthetically pleasing, but they turn out to be very emotional thanks to everything they reveal: from the origins of humanity to the interferences that human beings have on the etheric place, the impact of their beliefs, causes of illnesses and the identity of those entities who take energy from people. But now let’s hear from Calo, the man behind the method who at the moment is taking a step towards the hypnotic investigations with specific protocols so that he can draw conclusions from everything he’s investigated during thousands of sessions.

Nobody else gets involved here

Hypnosis is this middle point in which we are between the state of sleep and wakefulness at once. When we are in this state, our most subtle part experiences different types of activities that we call oneiric if we perceive them as a part of dreams, but they are something way deeper from the spiritual point of view. It’s a way of solving the esoteric problem by means of the strength and abilities of the person interested. No other being intervenes in the sessions. Nobody else gets involved here. We eliminate the risk of possible deceptions in subtle environments. If we give our power away to someone else so that they help us, this shows that this work isn’t properly done. This is the main difference: only the person interested does their work.

Let’s go right to the topic: what’s the use of past life hypnotic regression?

Generally speaking, hypnosis can be used for everything, e.g. to control people. It can be a significant control tool. In fact, we as humans are hypnotized by the mass media, cinema, or music. There are ways to manipulate people by means of mind control. But in past life hypnotic regression we are aiming for the opposite: disconnecting people from their esoteric connections. I repeat: everyone must go through this process on their own in order not to have any interference or connection. During hypnosis, there can occur either an interference when you are subject to external forces, or an interaction when you decide out of your own will to interact and live independently. Liberation is learning to use the power by ourselves and not to give it away to others.

When did your interest in these topics begin?

I began to read and study these topics when I was 16 years old, at school. Then I dropped it when I began my higher education and when I underwent the obligatory military service in Italy, but I returned to it about thirty years later due to a series of events. When it happened, it was the moment when the internet became popular and everyone had it in their pockets. That’s when I began to spread the information on the web on the international level.

Have you entered hypnosis yourself?

I’m not susceptible to hypnosis. I don’t enter this state. Statistically, I’m one of those people who don’t enter it. But I saw other people’s work and organized my opinions about it until I had a clear vision and began to practice it as a guide. Nothing has surprised me yet. And I’ve done thousands of hypnosis sessions.

Are there any investigations that explain what comes up?

Only few of those who follow me critically analyse my sessions. Many don’t understand them or interpret them in a way that is completely different from mine. That’s why we need to explain a lot of things. There are people who take everything as truth: you tell them something and they believe it. Hypnosis can be contaminated because information emerges from its source, goes through different intelligences, filters, and mental structures of those who receive it… You need to know how to filter it and what you are left with is a small percentage of key information, the gold nuggets. We are doing a serious investigation with investigative protocols so that people understand what is behind it all. It’s great that those operators who are part of Academy created by us also participate because we understand that now we not only do sessions to publish them but also to explain what is happening.

One word comes up a lot in your sessions: "matrix”. What does it mean?

The Matrix is one of the overused words, just like god, love, soul, spirit… Everyone gives it a different meaning, according to era and moment. It’s a mental structure. If I create the word "matrix” to better understand a concept and multiply it, it will be given a different value in every place where it’s used. But let’s say that it’s a control system, not only physical but also connected to non-physical environments. A simple metaphor: it’s like a company with people who work for it and receive different salaries based on their abilities. This company is on the market where it offers its products. It’s an organized mechanism. There are also some who are in control and make decisions for others. And this big company called Earth is the same: there are interplanetary connections, non-physical and physical beings, nature… Everything is interconnected. If we take one link out, everything falls apart. While it’s moving, it’s functioning. And we, in this human body, have our own position in this mechanism.

How can past life hypnosis help us understand these processes?

When we are sleeping or dreaming, we are in other worlds with different rules. And everything seems normal until we wake up. In hypnosis, it’s as if we were dreaming. But the difference is that there is a conscious and awake part that follows the instructions. We are no longer passive like in a dream, and we can make our decisions and interact with more subtle beings that we don’t see with our five physical senses, but exist nonetheless. We get deeper into this matrix that we don’t see physically. We move to the etheric level. And there we have more powers to create realities. Think about a cellphone that is turned off: there are infinite possibilities of what can be found in it. When you turn it on, the possibilities are reduced to one. When we are in an environment in which we decide what we want to create, and we create it, nothing becomes one. When we destroy something negative, it becomes everything and once again more infinite possibilities appear.

In conclusion: are we creators?

In the physicality, it’s almost impossible to create through a physical body. But in more subtle environments we can create a butterfly if we want to, because the energy there is less dense, there aren’t terrestrial filters, and our creative power is unlimited. In the hypnotic environment, we can create conditions that will be reflected in our physical life. We can eliminate the esoteric cause of our daily problems, either physical or etheric. The blockages condition us, frustrate us, and slow us down. In fact, they are self-blockages: maybe humanity is controlled so that it stays inside this structure where everyone has their own role, but everyone acts according to their will.

It looks like a power game…

The matrix is very complex. Economic crises are cyclical and controlled. The energetic movements in the form of wars, political movements, and atmospheric changes that produce catastrophes and generate fear, contribute to keeping the population dominated. Each one of us is a pawn in this game and each one has to work to survive. This way we lose our independence. The human consciousness wants to live well but there are always hierarchical conditions that crush us and condition us to be frustrated. In order to leave it we need to create our own reality, change our perspective, and think in a different way, so that at some point we change our physical lives. But it doesn’t depend on hypnosis. It’s a step taken by the subliminal part, but everything corresponds to the will of a person.

Is it a matter of changing our thoughts which are also energy?

Everything is energy: our thoughts, actions, the information we manage, physical bodies… We have so many types of energy that if we don’t know how to manage them, they can affect us. Sometimes it is our own energies that affect us. When people aren’t under hypnosis yet and talk to me about their fears, they say things about themselves: they perceive their problems as something produced by other people or external factors. During a hypnosis session, they change their point of view and notice that it’s them who produce these problems and condition them. If you are scared of heights, it’s not the height’s fault. It’s you who produces this fear when you see heights.

When there’s fear, we tend to ask for help. Can interference appear this way?

We ask for help so that the fear disappears, and what appears are beings that stand higher in the hierarchy. Religion is yet another control tool of this matrix. So many people believe, and by believing they accept the rules of this creation and sign binding pacts.

What can usually be seen in these etheric environments?

Beings that live in the ether are theoretically infinite, but based on the protocols we follow and what we have seen in more than 4000 sessions, in this creation we have co-created there are some beings that appear repeatedly. We’ve filtered tons of information to understand what appears repeatedly. Some show themselves in human or humanoid forms, or as terrestrial animals. On this planet we as humans also exploit other species and races, we mix them, use them. It’s a food chain. There are animals that eat other animals. It’s the same in the subtle environments where one eats the other. They take our energy and our subliminal bodies that correspond to their energetic density. We use animals for food, genetic experiments, cloning, and other things; they do the same. It’s a pattern that repeats itself so that everything remains in balance.

Is it the same pattern as with companies and production lines?

In our species, there are creators who interact, and manipulators who exploit. It’s the same. There are beings who know how to create because they know their power and others who exploit it and don’t know they can create, so they try to do it by changing everything they find. Our DNA isn’t only physical, it also exists on more subtle levels. Someone who isn’t aware of their creative power allows others who are aware of it to guide them. That’s how the system of spirit guides is born.

Lastly, what is karma on these levels?

Karma is nothing more than the conditions we accept, just like a phone contract. It’s a fee and clauses, an employment contract that you accept, with conditions that affect you. If you accept it, you believe in it, sign it, and comply. If in this life as Enrique you are told you need to suffer, you will do it. And then people don’t understand why everything goes wrong in their lives. Supposedly it’s a lesson, but we’re not here to learn. The truth is that we don’t need it. We are evolved, we just don’t know it. It’s about remembering. We don’t need to learn anything. We just need to be connected with the information that is the entirety of us. It’s the same as DNA: you can extract the genetic code from a bone or a hair, and based on this information you can recreate another Enrique or Calogero. The problem is that we forget everything when we reincarnate on Earth. Under hypnosis, you can recover some of this information.

You practice skydiving. Is it a way of confronting your fears?

I practice this sport in a way that is connected with hypnosis. It’s a perfect metaphor: if you are scared, you fall. If you’re not scared, you don’t fall, you fly. When you jump out of a plane and you feel scared, you feel like you’re falling. Without it you’re flying. It depends on your interpretation. Of course, you’re falling because of the force of gravity, but you can also fly, depending on the position of your body. It’s your interpretation. When you fly, you see everything from above. All of your problems are so small you don’t even see them. So go up and fly!

About the interviewer: Enrique Patiño

A writer and a journalist, the author of "La sed”, "Cuando Clara desapareció” and other novels. Throughout his career he interviewed more than 1200 different people, talking about subjects ranging from violence and culture to spirituality and environment.

Dolores & Calo

Dolores Cannon's career spans no less than 4 decades, during which she has investigated thousands of clients, having developed and refined her own method of Quantum Regressive Hypnosis over time. In the field of hypnosis, she is an important figure who opened the minds of a large public to subjects related to reincarnation, extraterrestrial life, life between lives, as well as abductions, which she describes in great detail in 17 or so books. Like many of her colleagues, Dolores Cannon has inspired the average human being to push their knowledge to a broader level, to wonder about subjects that are often hidden. We can therefore be grateful for the outstanding work she has done over the past few decades to raise awareness of the fact that yes, there are realities other than those that we perceive or remember. Without the thousands of pieces of information she received and shared with us during her Q.R.H. sessions, many people wouldn't have had access to this type of investigation at that time. So I won't take the liberty of judging the inspiring person she was until her death in 2014.

„The Reincarnation of Peter Proud”

For his part, Calogero Grifasi discovered esotericism at the age of 17 thanks to the novel „The Reincarnation of Peter Proud”, but only 20 years later he was finally introduced to regressive hypnosis, discovering and translating videos of the Colombian hypnotherapist Aurelio Mejía around 2011. Entirely self-taught, he started his own practice, at first just for fun, and saw very interesting results in his first attempts. As the customers were accumulating, he developed his own method truly in tune with himself which, above all, could overcome every barrier, which no other method managed to do. Not being able to enter hypnosis himself, he introduced the concept of a third party, now known as a support operator or telepath, who possesses great hypnotic abilities. In other words, the telepath can connect directly with the consciousness of a client who is unable to enter the hypnotic state deeply enough, up to the theta wave (the deeper you go into hypnosis, the less your mind is active, and therefore the information that emerges from a session can have a certain legitimacy).

Extraterrestrial "parents"

From Dolores Cannon's point of view, we tend to think of humans as children who have to learn everything from their extraterrestrial "parents". And if people are scared of them, it's because they lack knowledge about them, when in fact they're acting for our common good. They were always considered more evolved than the human race. Calogero Grifasi sought to go further, deeper, to verify this current of thought by himself. When the client’s consciousness under hypnosis was asked to simply go back to the origin of their problem, they would almost consistently find themselves under the influence of an extraterrestrial, sometimes even with implants and programs in their bodies. And while doing some tests, asking the customer's consciousness to remove those things (implants), he found out that they always felt better afterwards.

Etheric DNA verification

In Calogero Grifasi's method, questions are posed in such a way that the clients (or support operators) always discover by themselves what is going on. It is always the client's consciousness that acts to free itself from any interference. We must remember this simple fact that any consciousness that plays a role in the subliminal or physical space of another consciousness is an interference. The primary purpose of this method is to restore sovereignty to each consciousness, reminding them that they don't need anyone's help when it comes to their choices of incarnation and creation. The Calogero Grifasi method also makes it possible to verify the etheric DNA of each consciousness/entity that appears during a session, and that makes all the difference because the etheric world is a beautiful illusion. Anyone can present themselves with a certain appearance and fool everyone. Again, no offense to Dolores Cannon or other highly regarded hypnotists. But no matter what entity showed up in Cannon's sessions, she would always assume the entity was really who they said they were, and she would trust them without any verification. In the same way some people channel beings they think are deities and such. When Calogero Grifasi asks the client (or the support operator) to touch the entity or look it in the eye, the whole illusion collapses. It's a simple way of showing that the invisible is never to be trusted.

An interesting channeling

Dolores Canon was unaware of the illusion that pervaded her sessions. This does not mean that the entirety of her work is wrong, but the beings with whom she was in contact clearly had the goal of imposing a certain vision to as many people as possible: that we are inferior and dependent, and we need them to evolve. We can therefore find in her books a lot of New Age notions, which nowadays have been taken up by many "spiritual influencers". For those interested, Calogero Grifasi got in touch with Dolores Cannon after her death a few years ago. She admits to having been used to divulge certain information, and the video is very interesting:

Created by Céline Geneviève - Translated by Ewelina Jackowska

So Esoteric Past Life Regression Hypnosis by Calogero Grifasi is an awesome tool, still relatively new. Of course, like everything else, the method offers plenty of scope for development and that's good. But today, it is certainly the most advanced hypnosis technique which reminds us that freedom and sovereignty are essential for every consciousness, incarnate or not, and that we are the power!

Céline Geneviève

Visual hypnotic induction test
Excellent Susceptibility

Begin with this visual test. If your hypnotic susceptibility is excellent, you are one of the 10% of people who can have a direct hypnosis session without any problems. It will be an extraordinary and exciting experience, and you will travel to different worlds. However, if you haven’t seen anything during this test, don’t worry, your hypnotic susceptibility still may be high, and you still may be able to enter hypnosis yourself during your session. Just do the next test.

You can send the results of your induction tests and the goal you want to reach by your session (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Check in your spam folder in case our response is not found in your inbox. You will be assigned a tutor who will assist you during the entire procedure. By booking a session you contribute to information research and disclosure.

Short hypnotic induction test

Before booking a session it is necessary to go through an induction test in order to ascertain the degree of hypnotic susceptibility. If you visualized something after listening to this test it means that you have a high hypnotic susceptibility. Don't let try the test to children or people who have mental dispersion.

You can send the results of your induction tests and the goal you want to reach by your session (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Check in your spam folder in case our response is not found in your inbox. You will be assigned a tutor who will assist you during the entire procedure. By booking a session you contribute to information research and disclosure.

Long hypnotic induction test

If you didn't visualize anything by the short induction test try it again by this long one. If you visualized something after listening to this test it means that you have a medium hypnotic susceptibility. Please, don't try this test under the influence of alcohol or drug, neither in case of psychological disorders.

You can send the results of your induction tests and the goal you want to reach by your session (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Check in your spam folder in case our response is not found in your inbox. You will be assigned a tutor who will assist you during the entire procedure. By booking a session you contribute to information research and disclosure.

If you lose fear you don't fall, you fly!

His name is Calogero Grifasi and he has created a team of virtual hypnosis operators who treat people in a non-medical context, in order to allow them to find out on their own what they experience and what affects them on the etheric level, which later on is reflected on the physical one. Hypnosis is also a trend on the internet. On the thin line between a dream and a harsh reality there lies consciousness. To access it you can either meditate daily and build your character, or you can reach it in a more direct way, through hypnosis. It’s not anything new. In fact, this method is very popular and supported by specialists, with the Colombian Aurelio Mejía as the teacher of several generations. What isn’t so common is reaching the esoteric level through the internet and connecting in hypnosis with a support operator and hypnotist in any language, with a simultaneous translation. The person concerned can find an etheric answer to their physical problems from the comfort of their own house. And what comes out is better than any science-fiction story…

Past Life Regression
with Calogero Grifasi

You can send the results of your induction tests and the goal you want to reach by your session (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Check in your spam folder in case our response is not found in your inbox. You will be assigned a tutor who will assist you during the entire procedure. By booking a session you contribute to information research and disclosure.

Past Life Regression
with Calogero Grifasi

You can send the results of your induction tests and the goal you want to reach by your session (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Check in your spam folder in case our response is not found in your inbox. You will be assigned a tutor who will assist you during the entire procedure. By booking a session you contribute to information research and disclosure.

Past Life Regression
with Calogero Grifasi

You can send the results of your induction tests and the goal you want to reach by your session (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Check in your spam folder in case our response is not found in your inbox. You will be assigned a tutor who will assist you during the entire procedure. By booking a session you contribute to information research and disclosure.

God is the worst interference!

Join us as we explore esoteric hypnosis with Calogero Grifasi. In this interview, Calo shares his journey into esotericism, discusses the unique aspects of his hypnosis method, and provides fascinating insights into possession, abduction, and the unseen realms.

Can hypnosis solve most of our challenges?

Calogero Grifasi is the founder of the Grifasi Method which is an innovative form of regressive hypnosis. Calogero developed his method in 2012 and uses it together with his international team of operators who guide their clients to their own Selves during sessions performed online. The grifasi method has helped countless people to overcome their challenges, heal, and remove energetic blockages.


Team Grifasi operators are people chosen for their human qualities and professional skills.
In addition to the esoteric regressive hypnosis sessions, they participate in the Team's projects and contribute to its outcome.

Support operators





Calogero Grifasi is NOT a medical doctor. Hypnotic regression is NOT a medical treatment and is NOT its substitute

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