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Frequently asked questions

If you don't find answer to your question, write to us. We'll be glad to insert it in this list and, of course, to answer you.

Frequently asked questions


To book, send a message to .. You will be assigned a tutor who will assist you during the entire procedure as well as give you the password to access the calendar for booking. You may also check your spam folder in case our response is not found in your inbox.
The price for the session is 220.00$. The added sum for a person of support is 65,00€.
If there is no available time in the current month, please advance to the following months.
The process for booking a session implies the contextual payment on the PayPal website (link available upon completion of booking). The booking will be confirmed via email.
In order to make sure that we always provide the correct dates available, the system automatically cancels all unpaid bookings. The added import for the support person, in case you are opting for a telepathic session, will be payed directly to the collaborator, who will contact you as soon as possible, after the booking, for the final instructions.
In order to realize a DIRECT session, it is mandatory to have a head-set with integrated USB microphone, and, if possible, to have your computer connected to the Internet through a cable (LAN) - that in order to ensure a better line stability.

Training courses

Since 2012, from the beginning of his activity online, Calogero Grifasi has always been an innovating element and ground breaking in the regressive hypnosis world. All the philosophies, techniques and trends followed until then have been questioned, analysed and considered without particular emotions. A new revolutionary and progressive method was born as well as a new way of adapting regressive hypnosis to the new era, unthinkable only few years ago by proposing:
- Sessions realised via Internet directly from the comfort of the home - Parallel translation in different languages.
A public diffusion without any restriction via Internet with prior client agreement.
- An operator support assistance option in case of the hypnotic susceptibility of the client is revealed insufficient or for physical disability or logistics.
The method by itself represents an authentic revolution in the field. For the first time, in an esoteric ambience obtained in a session, entity intervention will not be allowed to solve a problem. Many unnecessary traps and risks are avoided as well as concessions given to a third party which- even in a limited intervention- can compromise the complete success of the operation. It is the client subliminally, through a process followed during the session that discovers gradually the mechanism that pushed him to suffer from the esoteric interference. Once the mechanism is raised to awareness, he then can choose to modify or cancel this mechanism and completely restore the ideal condition desired. The method, done primarily in Spanish, becomes rapidly an authentic success. In only a few years these works have imposed themselves as well in Italian, Polish, Romanian or Russian with constant expansion of the territories.
Calogero Grifasi felt the necessity to create multi-language teams composed from highly literate, trained and qualified operators for this delicate work. Some training courses have been organised and proposed after a thorough selection process. The work realised is important and if it is done without control it can be dangerous and detrimental. Indeed, so many started in regressive hypnosis practice after watching only few video sessions. They improvise inaccurate and maladjusted techniques.
By considering those dangerous situations and their multiplicity, Calogero Grifasi decided to give courses to people not belonging to the Grifasi team. So, they still could be correctly oriented in all processes to adopt in hypnotic ambiance and the correct realisation. Those courses will give a basic training but essential to realise an esoteric regressive hypnosis. The advanced training and all the investigation works will be only reserved to the team Grifasi active operators.
The courses will be proposed online, via Internet, to reduce all costs linked to participant transport or accommodation fees. We keep in mind to continue to revolutionize our practice and allow anyone to benefit up to 4/5 cost reduction compared to attending a course. You can send your participation request to .

Certification of participation

This list contains participants names that assisted to the training courses in regressive hypnosis according to the Grifasi method. However, this list by itself does not guarantee that the method taught is correctly used to those autonomous operators and independents not belonging to the Academy project or the Grifasi team.

Academy project

Academy is a project offered to everyone that followed one of those training courses according to Calogero Grifasi method. The Academy members can benefit from a session review before the release on the official channel. A follow up is made all along the learning process in order to consolidate the operators new achievements in regressive hypnosis.
Any potential mistakes will be corrected. The goal is to avoid misleading sessions that are followed by negative feedback from the general public. But especially, the Academy members can benefit from a public channel that already has a solid foundation with interested subscribers in new sessions released. It is a real launching pad to start with a quality investment for those wanting to seriously get involved in this field. When the new operator in regressive hypnosis will be ready and professionally mature, he will then be able to decide if he wants to work autonomously or not.

Team Grifasi

The selection of new operators within the Grifasi Team is the result of an attentive work observation realised by the Academy project members. Only a few of them will be able to work in the team, to participate to the advanced techniques training or to investigation cycles and to work in synergy in this multilangual, multi cultural structure. It is in a professional environment, using performing tools with which we can guaranty to interested people, the perfect realisation of an esoteric regressive hypnosis.

Team Grifasi

Investigation cycles

Actually, the investigation session does not exist! Instead is considered what we call an investigation protocol in regressive hypnosis. Before asserting that an information is founded, we need to create a large quantity of sessions with different people unknown to each other, to reduce the contamination risk of the rational mind.
It is as well necessary to recreate the same hypnotic ambiances/mental co-creations in an univocal direction. This information is highly contaminated by the quantity of dimensions, densities, mental structures and believes through which they transit as well as the beings intercepting it and using it. We need to consider also that without the subliminal agreement, no information can be collected from those questioned beings. This is why in this process, other situations are created in which beings or other forms of intelligence take advantage to invent information and arrange it the way it suits them.
The only information seriously considered is the one coming from the large amount of sessions explained above. Thus it is the communal information from all the trials that will be considered (or with a low percentage error tolerance). Those investigation cycles are large time consuming and use a lot of energy.
The Grifasi team, with its structure and collaborators, can launch one of the many investigation cycles in regressive hypnosis and accept in this adventure volunteers with an excellent hypnotic susceptibility. You can send us your participating request to .

Short hypnotic induction test

Before booking a session it is necessary to go through an induction test in order to ascertain the degree of hypnotic susceptibility.
If you visualized something after listening to this test it means that you have a high hypnotic susceptibility.
Don't let try the test to children or people who have mental dispersion.

Long hypnotic induction test

If you didn't visualize anything by the short induction test try it again by this long one.
If you visualized something after listening to this test it means that you have a medium hypnotic susceptibility.
Please, don't try this test under the influence of alcohol or drug, neither in case of psychological disorders.

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You will be assigned a tutor who will assist you during the entire procedure

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